Strategic Planning and Implementation

Converting insight into change presents numerous challenges. Knowing root cause is the best place to start and increases your rate of success. However, change doesn’t happen by mandate. It requires a multi-pronged approach that incorporates multiple levers for change.

co12Knowing what to include in a plan is the first big step. ClaimsOptions’ framework for planning offers an easy-to-use guideline that ensures you have the right combination of communication, training, technology and reporting to ensure your response produces the right result. Implementing the plan is more than checking a list. Many projects fail in implementation because the desired result is not being achieved. Using reporting coupled with simple quality management methods creates early indicators of success and creates timely intervention. While results can take some time to show up in your reporting, behaviors and process change shows up immediately. Using quality observations on behaviors and process gives you immediate feedback about the direction your changes are taking.



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