Training Workshops

co13Training is a tool frequently used with improvement efforts. When change is needed, individuals often need to learn new skills. We find that skills are learned over time and are built on changes in behaviors that set the stage for this development. To assure training brings the desired change quickly, it needs to build the behaviors that foster development of the skills.

We believe training should be designed to solve problems so our workshops are built around demonstrated ability. Workshops require active use of new skills. Incorporating leadership training that uses quality observations that are implemented during and after training embeds the new skill and provides valuable insight about the success of your changes.


ClaimsOptions brings proven methods for training delivered as a workshop and built to reinforce the roles of each employee and their manager. Our workshops use hands-on learning. They include special sections for managers, supervisors and other leaders to ensure that they can meet their responsibilities to carry on learning and change beyond the training class.


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