Report & Analyze

pieChartsGet underneath the numbers with reporting that is highly flexible. Each Observer application offers four types of reporting, built to complement one another.

  • Ad Hoc reports give you access to real time information on-the-fly. Save and share the reports you want to reuse. Revise the report to get the insight you need using a broad set of filters.
  • Dashboard reports that standardize critical reports and blend review data with other operations metrics.
  • Calibration reports that compare same-claim observations across reviewers.
  • Analytical reporting that allows you to rapidly slice and segment data.


co5Extend reporting using data cubes to integrate your quality observations with your productivity, cycle time, payment and inventory data to create rapid insight into the causes of performance change. This reporting enables:

  • Deep understanding of root causes to design effective responses
  • Greater consistency across reviewers
  • Common goals supported by common metrics across all leadership
  • Advanced analytical tools using data cubes that isolate the problems and uncover new opportunities
  • Easy, do-it-yourself data export for ad hoc combination with data you choose to keep outside of Observer


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