The Observer series offers industry leading functionality in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The Observer series are cloud applications that require only a browser to use. Cloud-based technology allows us to bring rich features and functionality at an economical cost.

co3The Observer family of applications are built to address real-world demands of managing quality. Our customers drive features and functionality. This has led to an intuitive application in which you create the forms and reports that suit your needs. Don’t wait for IT resources for changes. You can start using Observer in a matter of days from when you sign up. We support your implementation with hands-on workshops and support converting and expanding your current forms to take full advantage of AgileForms and advanced reporting capabilities.

You enjoy these benefits:

  • Pinpoint the issues causing your most costly problems
  • Reduce time to complete reviews
  • Enable reporting on results across reviews
  • Integrate quality reporting with other Key Measures

Observer applications can be adapted to any processes. Typical locations where the application can be implemented are claims organization, call centers, underwriting operations and technical support teams. Observer applications are available for many functional areas.

  • ClaimsObserver® is designed to be used across all types of insurance firms.
  • UnderwritingObserver™ is the best solution to measure and manage insurance company underwriting operations.
  • CallCenterObserver™ supports all types of companies in the critical customer contact center.